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Adolf Hitler Flags, Third Reich Flags, Nazi Flags, Reproduction WWII German Flags

Perfect for museums, teachers, students of history, historical
WWII displays and Nazi period reenactors!

Adolf Hitler Führer Flag

 Historical reproduction Adolf Hitler flags and Third Reich flags for those
wanting the very BEST WW2 German Nazi flags!

"Germany Awake"

SA Deutschland Erwache Standard

Nazi Flags


Nazi Flags

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F01 - Deutschland Erwache standards / Nazi Flags

This symbol of the "new" Germany, the Deutsch Erwache (Germany Awake) standards / Nazi flags were first introduced on January 28, 1923. 

Original flag design by Adolf Hitler!

This standard was modeled after those carried by the Roman legions, two thousand and more years ago. From 1920 to 1945, all Stormtroops carried their own standard to give their members a sense of cohesion within the larger S.A. (Sturmabteilung) organization. Each one carried the words, “Deutschland Erwache”, or “Germany Awake”, after a famous poem of the same name by the noted author and early National Socialist, Dietrich Eckhart. Standards such as these flew over the Stormtroopers in many a pitched street battle in their fourteen-year struggle for power, and were later prominently displayed at the immense mass-rallies that characterized the Third Reich. - Marc Roland

Here is the most powerful National Socialist / Nazi flag symbol of
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  • Exceptional "High Quality" reproduction nazi flags exacting in every detail!
  • Features a blood red background with white lettering and a black swastika on a white circle trimmed with alternating red, black, and white fringe.
  • Double sided flag shown above front (left) back (right).
  • Made from durable polyester. 
  • Approximate size 34 inches x 27 inches.

nazi flags $100.00 +s/h

Fuehrer Standard FlagF02 - Fuehrer Standard (often referred to as a flag)

Exceptional reproduction WW2 Nazi flags and standards!

Made from durable polyester approximately 3 feet x 3 feet. 

Carried centered on a t-shaped pole during NSDAP ceremonies. It was the personal standard of Adolf Hitler as “Der Fuhrer” (The Leader) and National Chancellor of Nazi Germany.

History: While anyone in Nazi Germany was allowed and encouraged to own and display the Party’s simple red-white-black Swastika flag, the Fuehrer’s standard was his alone, and could only be raised in his presence. Reproductions and private possession of it were unlawful, because it was a government ensign. The flag was a late-comer in the Third Reich, making its debut only in 1939, after Adolf Hitler became Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht, chief of the German armed forces. Hence, the appearance in each of its corners the NSDAP eagle opposite its Wehrmacht counterpart. The Fuehrerstandarte was never left to flutter in the breeze, but always hauled up a pole stiffened out at its four corners to fully display its design. - Marc Roland

Details: No grommets or pole pocket.

nazi flags $35.00 +s/h

Durable Quality & Reasonable Prices

PzG carries a large selection of reproduction historical Adolf Hitler Flags, Third Reich Flags & Nazi flags each produced with special attention to detail and durability.

Adolf Hitler Flags, Third Reich Flags, and Nazi Flags are approximately 3 feet x 5 feet and made from 100% durable polyester with brass grommets.

Fuehrer Standard Flags

F03 Fuehrer Standard Flags

The Standard of the Leader and National Chancellor centered on it.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Third Reich Battle Flag

F04 Third Reich Battle Flags -World War II

This was the national war ensign or flag of the Third Reich and used by the land forces of Nazi Germany. It was introduced on November 7, 1935 on the same day that the universal national draft was begun in Germany.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

NSDAP Nazi FlagsF05 NSDAP Flags - Nazi Party Flag - National Flag - Naval Ensign Flags

Called the Nazi Party. In 1935 it also became the German State Flag and the Naval Ensign of the Third Reich. The naval ensign was slightly different with its white circle moved off-center and a bit closer to the flag’s hoist.

Historical Facts: Virtually all insignia used by the National Socialist Movement in the early days of its struggle were personally designed by Adolf Hitler. Its first and by far best known specimen was the Hooked Cross or Swastika (hakenkreuz) on a white disk in a red field. He specified their precise proportions, which have been carried down to the present day.
- Marc Roland


nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Old Comrades Flag

F06 Old Comrades Flags

This was the Flag of the Old Guard of the NSDAP. In its center is the golden Party Membership Insignia surrounded by a gold wreath.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS Nazi Flags

F07 SS Death Head Nazi Flag

This variant of the Storm Troopers (SS) house flag has the infamous Death's Head placed in its upper-right hand corner.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS HQ Flag

F08 SS Command Center HQ Wall Banner / Flag

This was the Headquarters Flag of the Storm Troopers (SS). It was used as a SS headquarters wall banner designed to hang down a wall with the hoist with the SS runes near the top as displayed here.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS Danzig Nazi Flags

F09 Flag of the SS-Heimwehr Danzig

The SS Heimwehr "Danzig" was an SS unit established in the free city of Danzig, Poland, before the Second World War. It fought with the German army against the Polish Army during the invasion of Poland. After this it became part of the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf and ceased to exist as an independent unit.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS Police Flag

F10 Nazi Police Flag

This was the flag of the Chief of the Order Police. The "Order Police" were the national civilian police organization of the Third Reich.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

RAD Nazi FlagsF11 RAD / Abteilung "Horst Wessel" Flag

The flag of Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) which was the official labor service of the Third Reich.

Historical Facts: The Reich Arbeit Dienst, or “Reich Labor Service”, transformed masses of unemployed men into an army of ecological workers. They reclaimed marshlands, saved forests, built roads, and participated in numerous other construction projects that got the German economy back on its feet, while instilling a deep, personal pride in the nobility of physical labor. “They day is coming,” Adolf Hitler told them at 1934’s Party Day rally, in Nuremberg, “when no man may enter our national community unless he has first gone through your community.” As such, the RAD flag features a Swastika with the image of a shovel blade emerging between two sheaves of wheat, symbolizing the National Socialist “Blood and Soil” concept --- Aryan man’s roots in the Earth, as exemplified in the RAD motto, “Arbeit adelt”, or “Work ennobles”. - Marc Roland

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Hitler Youth Banner

F12 Hitler Youth Banner

After 1936, it became compulsory for 10-18 year olds to join the Hitler Youth. The task of the boys section was to prepare the boys for military service and for girls the organization prepared them for motherhood. By 1936 the membership was 4 million.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Hitler Youth Troop 33

F13 Hitler Youth Troop 33

This flag is an example of a Hitler Youth regimental flag. Each regiment had a similar flag.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Commander and Chief of the Army

F14 Commander in Chief of the Army -

Reichskreigs German Armed Forces Ensign

This flag was used by the Commander-in-Chief of the Army for his headquarters.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Nazi Water Sports Flag

F15 WWI German War Ensign and Naval Jack

This was the flag used by all Imperial German warships between 1903 and 1919 and later briefly reintroduced between 1933 and 1935. It was replaced by a swastika type in 1935, a variant of the NSDAP Flag (F05) with the circled swastika slightly off center towards the hoist side.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Iron Cross Flag

F16 Wehrmacht Chief of Staff Flag 1944-1945

This is an elongated replica flag (the original was square) was used by the Chief of General Staff of the German Army between 1944 and 1945.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Field Marshal Flag

F17 Wehrmacht Field Marshal’s Flag

This elongated replica flag (the original was square) was actually used as a car flag by German Wehrmacht (German Army) Field Marshals.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Herman Goering Panzer Korps Flag

F18 Herman Göring Panzer Korps Flags

The Panzer units all used the color pink on their official unit flags, but the reason for the Luftwaffe type eagle on this army flag was that the division was named after the Reichmarshall Herman Göring, thus the Luftwaffe type eagle and the large lettering HG for Herman Göring.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Luftwaffe HQ

F19 Luftwaffe HQ Car Flag

This was one variant of a flag was used by German Air Force Headquarters divisions. A smaller version of this flag was used as a car flag for Commanding Generals of the Air Force.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Luftwaffe Wing Flag

F20 Flag of the Air Force Chief of Staff

This was the flag of the Luftwaffe Chief of Staff flag between 1937 and 1941.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Squadron Flags

F21 Flag of the Commanding Generals of the Air Force

This was another variant the flag used by the Commanding Generals of the German Luftwaffe.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Wreath Flag

F22 Southern (Italian) Luftwaffe Command Flag

This flag is an elongated (the original was square) version of one of the Luftwaffe standards that Goering used, the blue and gold colors indicate a southern or Italian theatre command. Mussolini’s personal flag also reflected the blue and gold color scheme.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Eagle Nazi Flags

F23 German Nazi Police Flag

This flag was used by the uniformed German Civilian Order Police.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

WWI FlagF24 Imperial War Ensign (World War I) Flags

This was the Imperial German War Ensign used from 1867 to 1919. When in 1888, Wilhelm II succeeded to the Second Reich throne, the eagle on the Prussian and Imperial arms were redesigned and used until the end of World War I.

Historical Facts: After the National Socialist Machtergreifung, or “Seizure of Power”, on 30 January 1933, the defunct Weimar Republic’s black-red-yellow colors were happily discarded for what many observers believed was Germany’s most attractive flag. Influenced by World War One’s Imperial Naval ensign, it did indeed fly from the stern of every ship in the Kriegsmarine, or German Navy. It also flew atop every German government building until 1945, and is still generally recognized as the foremost representative banner of the Third Reich. - Marc Roland

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS Loyalty Motto Flags

F25 SS Loyalty Motto Totenkopf Flags

"Mein Ehre Heisst Treue or My Honor is Loyalty"

Totenkopf is the German word for "skull." This was a SS Loyalty Motto flag proclaimed “Mein Ehre Heisst Treue” or “My Honor is Loyalty.”

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

1944 Nazi Flags

F26 German Sporting Association Games Flag 1944

This modern replica flag is probably based on a sports medal issued at German sponsored athletic games held in 1944 since the Olympic games scheduled that year in London were cancelled. The “Deutscher Sportausschuss Oberliga,” or German Sports Association, probably held the games in Berlin's “Olympiastadion” or Olympic Stadium.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h 

SS Nazi Flags

F27 SS LAH Rgt. Panzer Flags

This is the regiment flag of the SS Panzer Corps Leibstandarte SS "Adolf Hitler" which was a German Waffen-SS panzer corps which saw action on both the Western and Eastern Fronts during World War II.

A "panzer skull" has no lower jawbone.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS LAH Rgt. Panzer Flag

F28 SS Nazi Runes Hausfahne Flags

This was the House Flag of the German Storm troopers or (SS).

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

F29 SS Totenkompf Nazi Division Flags

The 3rd SS Division was formed from the Totenkopf units that took part in the Polish Campaign. The unit served both in France and on the Eastern Front. The Division surrendered to the Americans on May 9, 1945, and the prisoners were handed over to the Soviets.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h


Nazi Party Flag

F30 Nazi Party Flags with Iron Cross

This variant of the Nazi Party or NSDAP Flag with an Iron Cross in upper corner was flown by German merchant ships and used as the Naval Reserve Officers Ensign between 1935-1945.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

1939 Luftwaffe Nazi Flags

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

The elongated replica flag (the original was square) is for the Reichsmarschall of the "Greater German Reich" used between 1939 and 1941. The rank of Marshal of Germany (Reichsmarschall) was the highest military rank obtainable in the Third Reich. Herman Göring was named Reichsmarschall, which made him senior to all other Army and Luftwaffe Field Marshals.

F31 Reichsmarschall Flag 1939-1941
Zeppelin Nazi Flag

F32 Zeppelin Corps Flags

This is the flag used by Zeppelin Air Corps at all their bases and installations.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Nazi Water Sports Flags

F33 Nazi Water Sports Flags

Civilian flag for NSDAP Water Sports and boating activities.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

German Infantry Flags

F34 German Infantry Flags

The Wehrmacht (German Infantry) Flag dates from 1936. At the center of the flag is a white disk surrounded by a silver wreath and containing a black "Army type" (with wings directed downward) eagle grasping a black swastika similar to the eagle that frequently appeared on Army steel helmets.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS Handshar Nazi flags

F35 SS Handschar Flags

The 13th SS Handschar Mountain Division was formed in March 1943 from Moslems from the Bosnia-Herzegovina region of Croatia with a core of German troops from the 7th SS-Freiwillingen-Gebirgs Division.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Danish SS Nazi Flags

F36 Dutch SS (Germanic SS in the Netherlands) Flag

The Dutch SS was renamed "Germanic SS in the Netherlands” in 1942 and was part of the NSB (National Socialist Movement), They were technically independent of the German SS, however, their goal was for Germany to completely annex both the Netherlands and Flanders.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

German Nazi Infantry

F37 Imperial German Tricolor Flags

This flag was declared to be the national flag for the Second Reich in 1892 and continued in use until 1918. It was briefly reintroduced between 1933-1935 and used jointly with the NSDAP flag, then banned as "reactionary."

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

German Jägerschaft Flag

F38 German Jägerschaft Flag

The flag of the German Hunting Society between 1934-1945. It was led by the Reichsjägermeister Hermann Göring.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

East Prussia

F39 East Prussia Flags

East Prussia, or Brandenburg, joined with West Prussia to become the Kingdom of Prussia, and later formed the heart of the Second Reich (Second German Empire) during World War I.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Eagle Crest Tricolor

F40 German State Flags

This was the German State flag and ensign used between the years 1933-1935. It was replaced by the swastika type in 1935. This was the German State flag and ensign used between the years 1933-1935. It was completely replaced by the swastika NSDAP flag (F05) in 1935.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Fascist Italy Flags

F41 Fascist Northern Italy National Flag

The Italian tricolor flag didn't change when Mussolini rose to power. However, in 1943, after fleeing the allied advance, Mussolini proclaimed the Italian Social Republic in Northern Italy, which was completely under German control at the time. An eagle grasping a golden fasces was added to the national tricolor flag.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Fascist Spain

F42 Fascist Spain Naval Ensign

The flag of the Spanish navy under Franco's rule.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Admiral Inspector Flags

F43 Admiral Inspector (Admiralinspekteur) Flag 1943-45

This elongated replica flag (the original was square) was used for the Admiral Inspector of the Navy of the Greater German Reich. Admiral Erich Raeder was Commander-in-Chief of the German Navy from 1935 until 1943, and then appointed Inspector Grand Admiral of the German Navy in1943, a rank he held until1945.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Waffen SS Flag

F44 Waffen SS Division Shield Flag

This flag has the World War II German SS division shields placed on a black field.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

Waffen SS Flag

F45 Wappen or state shields of German states Flags

This flag has all the modern Germany State Shields on it.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h

SS LAH Rgt. Panzer Flag

F46 Wappen of city shields of German cities Flags

This flag has all the shields of the modern German cities placed on a white field.

nazi flags $25.00 +s/h



You will feel the workmanship that went into this fantastic museum quality historical Nazi reproduction flag / standard!

*Limited Quantities on hand which may result in extended delivery times.

F60 Adolf Hitler Standard Flag with Fringe

Details: 18-7/8 inches wide x 16-1/4 inches high with an additional 3-1/2 silver wire fringe, double sided, stitched on a deep black velvet background with bright silver bouillon, hung by sliding a rod (not included) through rod pocket at top of this hand made flag.

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You will feel the workmanship that went into this fantastic museum quality historical SS reproduction flag / standard!

*Limited Quantities on hand which may result in extended delivery times.

F61 SS Standard Flag with Fringe

Details: 18-7/8 inches wide x 16-1/4 inches high with an additional 3-1/2 silver wire fringe, double sided, stitched on a deep black velvet background with bright silver bouillon, hung by sliding a rod (not included) through rod pocket at top of this hand made flag.

nazi flags $150.00 +s/h


Our sincere thanks to customer and teacher Pete who's research helped us to share with you additional historical information and details about the flags we offer for sale.


The Blutfahne (Blood flag) was a Nazi Swastika NSDAP flag which was used in the attempted Nazi Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, Germany on November 9, 1923 and one of the most revered objects of the German Nazi Party. The flag was actually that of the 5th SA Sturm that was covered in blood from members of the Nazi Party who had been shot by the Munich Police (primarily from party member Andreas Bauriedl who fell on top of the flag when he was shot and killed).

There were two stories about what happened to the flag in the aftermath of the putsch: One was that Heinrich Trambauer (the flagbearer) took the flag to a friend where he removed the flag from the staff and left with it hidden inside his jacket. Later, Traumbauer gave the flag to a Karl Eggers, who kept the flag safe. The other story was that the flag was confiscated by the Munich authorities and was later returned to the Nazis, Eggers being the recipient.

Regardless of which story was the correct one, after Adolf Hitler was released from Landsberg prison (after serving one year of a five year prison sentence for his part in the putsch), Eggers gave the flag to him. It was then fitted to a new staff and finial and just below the finial was a silver dedication sleeve which bore the names of three martyrs from the putsch. Bauriedl was one of the three honorees. In addition, the flag was no longer attached to the staff by its original sewn-in sleeve, but by a red-white-black intertwined cord which ran through the sleeve instead.

The flag was there after treated as a sacred object by the Nazi Party, and it was carried by SS Sturmbannführer Jakob Grimminger at various Nazi party ceremonies. One of the most visible uses of the flag was by Adolf Hitler, who at the annual party rallies at Nuremberg, touched other Nazi banners with the Blutfahne, thus 'sanctifying' the new flags with the old.

When not in use, the Blutfahne was kept at the headquarters of the Nazi Party (the Brown House) in Munich, with an SS guard of honor. The flag had a small tear in it that went unrepaired for a number of years. The tear was believed to have occurred during the putsch.

The Blutfahne was last seen in public at the Induction Ceremony of the Volksturm on October 18, 1944. (Not at Gauleiter Adolf Wagner's funeral six months earlier, as has frequently been reported.) This ceremony was conducted by Himmler and attended by Keitel, Guderian, Lammers, Bormann, Fiehler, Schepmann and Kraus. The Blutfahne has not been seen since then. It is possible that it may have been destroyed, or it may yet survive, either in secret storage somewhere or simply unrecognized as such.

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